Thursday, December 4, 2008

all packed up...

So I still haven't gotten any pics of my new projects yet cause its been nothing but nasty wintery weather here! I'm desperately hoping for some sunshine this weekend to get my new pics up!

So me and jody and our friend jan and hopefully dani are going to a crop on friday! I am soooo excited, except that now I am getting sick! my throat hurts so bad!
But I am so happy for the crop! I am almost all packed up for it, I have all my stuff in there little containers I just need to put it all in my bags a roller suitcase and then I'm ready to go!
I also amd making some chex muddy buddies to bring with! mmmmmm!

I have been working on some ideas and plans and things to start in january! I am super excited and hope you all stay tuned for all the fun things I have planned!

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