Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bell Ringer

So last night me and my dad ran to cub foods quick to stock up on goodies. you see on saturday my sister comes in from indiana! And I guess I should probably tell you first what a soft spot I have for older people!
So I am walking in the door and walk by the bell ringer, and this one looked different to me. He was sitting in his chair ringing his bell but his head was down and his hat was pulled way down over his eyes! He just looked completely sad to me! I said to my dad once we got into the store that I would be right back, I wanted to get him a cup of coffee. I went and got the coffee and went back out side. I tapped his arm and said excuse me sir, would you like a cup of coffe? He said coffee (still looking down)I would love some coffee! I handed him the cup and when i did the drinking hole part of the cup was facing me, I didn't think anything, just thought he would see that and spin it around to face him. He didn't! he tried to take a drink and there was no hole. By now Its sorta starting to click with me that he is blind. I said let me help you cause he had his big chopper mittens on and I spun the cup and gave it back to him. he said thank you and asked what time it was. I told him. he said thank you very much you have a wonderful evening. all the while still looking at the ground. I patted his arm and said you too and told him to stay warm! I went back in and told my dad what had happened and he said I probably just made his night giving him some warmth from the bitter cold we were having last night! When we left He was standing up and had his hat pulled up then and I could see his dark glasses and cane then! He was doing such a wonderful thing sitting out there ringing the bell I'm glad I could do something for him even though it was a small as a cup of coffee the sweetness of his voice when he said thank you told me he really appreciated it! I just wanted to share this all wiht you cause it really touched my heart! he was just so adorable!

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  1. What a magical story and so sweet of you to get him a coffee before you even realised he was blind. Kinda warms the heart hearing stories like this so I had to leave you a comment to spread the love. xxx