Tuesday, February 3, 2009

an award!!!!

My amazing and very talented friend marlene gave me a blogger award! woohoo!

5 things I'm addicted too:

1-purses, I have a special closet for them and at last count 113! I can never have too many!

2-really good girly music! I love girl rock and romantic ballads! feel free to share any good songs with me that you may know of!

3-scrapping, I cannot stop! I have been crafting all my life. Its defineately my passion to create, no matter what it is I'm creating!

4-all things JJ abrahms does! I love lost, fringe and his new movie looks amazing!

5-my friends! I adore my friends! I will do anything i can for them! I love having them to talk to and scrap with!

marlene thank you so much for this fabulous award! It means alot!

I will be giving this award to:
marlenes blog is so fabulous! always full of beautiful projects and with great directions! I love it!

aisa blog is amazing to read! she is very kind and always answers and helps out if I have a question!

ingvild blog is the very first blog I ever read! I am in awe of all she does! the inspiration is amazing!

I love being able to follow along on spanish blogs too and this one os so fun and full of wonderful scrappy goodness!

magda blog is inventive! I love seeing what she has available on her etsy store!

once again thanks marlene, and thank you to everyone who supports my blog!

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  1. Hi Val.. Thank you so much for giving me this award... and thanks to read my blog and look into my etsy store...