Thursday, February 26, 2009

march challenge

So as I was reading through my blogs that I visit, I saw mention of a frugal challenge!(this gave me the first part to my idea.) Then I remember what I foud at work yesterday.( this gave me the second part to my idea.) Yesterday at work I found a huge piece of packaging with slots in it. I looked and thought that would make the perfect desk organizer! I will post pics of it just as soon as I finish. So my challenge to you ladies this month, should you except it.... Is to be frugal. you will need to alter something you thought you would never be able to use, or that you thought was trash into something beautiful and useful! I think this is a good challenge for us considering everything going on in the world right now! I eagerly await to see your creations! And remember, have fun and be creative!
Challenge rules:
-must alter something old and that you would never have used for anything, into something beautiful and useful.
-must have a before and after pic
-must email the submission to me by 3-31
the prize this month will be a grab bag of all prima products!

I will leave you now with some pics of my new puppy Kona that I got on sunday!


  1. Val it is a due date for inscription? o just to show the pic?

  2. Hi Vale!!! Now i have my blog!!! :D sooo, i hope visit your blog more... (i was practice my english).. you challenge is very interesting, i hope have time for do and participe..
    i add you blog in my blog :D .. Have a nice day!!!

  3. Hi, your layouts are beautiful I love the one you use as a header for your blog.



  4. Hola Val, yo ya hice mi trabajo para participar en este reto, pero no se si tengo que mandartelo a tu correo, te mando las fotos para que me consideres. Besos.

  5. Val where is your email to send my pics?