Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm back ladies!

I know I haven't been around alot, but I have everything in my life back together now! thanks to those of you who sent the wondeful words of encouragement, It means alot to me!

now to business:
the 5 people for my pay it forward challenge are

these ladies if you have not already done so, post origional pay it forward post I made on your blog so that youcan get your 5 under you! and all of you please email me your addys. you can find my email in the sidebar! for those of you that have questions please email me for more info!

also still time left for the june challenge! ( see older posts) use your bling!!! it needs to be emailed to me by 6-30 so get out the sparkles ladies and get started!

also stay tune for june blog follower drawing which is coming up soon!

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