Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello I'm Val

Hi everyone, My name is Val Lopez. I was just married on 10-29-11 to my boyfriend Valdo of nearly 7 years. I am the oldest of 6 kids and live in Minnesota with my Hubs, and chocolate lab/chessepeak mix Kona.
I have had this blog now for a few years and as I evolve and change so does this blog. This is my place to share with you my life, thoughts and crafts.
I have been crafting my whole life in some form. I love it and it makes me feel such joy to create. Some of the things I like to craft are scrapbook book pages, crochet projects, re-working antique pieces, wood projects and digital design.
Last year I re-decorated and organized my own craft room. Pink teal and white of course.
I am just about to turn 30 in June of 2012. It will be awesome I know.
I am a homebody, romantic, dreamer, country girl, loud and crazy, person all rolled into one. I prefer to be at home with friends and family than out and about.
I am way way into the UFC. I can't get enough. Stephan "The American Pyscho" Bonnar is my favorite fighter, but theres alot more that I love too.
I really love watching "man type" TV shows, such as: Ax Men, Swamp People, Swamp Loggers, Ice Road Truckers to name a few. They make me smile!
I am a very outgoing friendly person yet I am careful who I let into my life. I only have a few close friends and I hold them very very close to my heart.
I can sometimes have a bad case of first born/oldest child syndrome. I am the oldest of 6 kids, First born grandchild on my fathers side, and First born granddaughter on my mothers side. Sometimes the bossy controlling side of me just needs to rear its ugly head. I work constantly to keep it under wraps. But my family loves me for it just the same.
Thanks so much for stopping by my little home in the blogging world today! If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, stop here.
-Val Lopez


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  1. Hi Val. I actually got your blog link from Ian. It's a super cute site and I'm a proud follower. :) Keep on creating cute stuff!