Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet Mr. Lopez

I have never really told the story of how me and valdo met. I'm not quiet sure why, so here it is.
Christmas 2004 I was living in my second apartment in Anoka. I was single and living with my 3 kitties. I knew the family that lived below a little I sometimes babysat their little boy for them.
During the week of christmas I noticed the family below me had another person staying with them. I would see him around sometimes. I never thought much of it ya know. But then after some time I kept seeing him around and I thought hmmm He's actually really cute. I should get to know him better. (I seriously think I sorta hunted him down through out this story and I feel so embarrassed about that now, but it all turned out for the best!)
One night he was outside smoking so I thought I would join him. I went out, sat down and said hello. He returned the greeting. I asked him his name and He said Victor or something or other. (Now he says he can't even remember why he gave me another name.) We chatted a few minutes and I was thinking hes sooooo cute... LOL
Awhile later I found out the family below was moving. They had asked if I would help them move and I said sure. When moving day came I showed up and who was there. Valdo. Its been a little over a month of seeing him around and chatting here and there so I'm super excited to find out he's helping us that day. We load everything up and head to their new place. Once we start unloading I lose all sense of myself and start flirting like crazy. I don't know what came over me. Yes I do, Valdo! He was just so handsome I couldn't help it.
I would try and make it so that I was near him and helping him. He must have thought I was nuts. Seriously. Then finally he goes to move the dresser and I grab the other end to help him. He says let one of the guys help me. I said " NO, I'm strong, I can do it" What???? what was I thinking lol. He still to this day says it back to me and we laugh about it.
After awhile I went back down to the parking for a little break. He came down a minute or so later. We sat there alone chatting and getting to know each other a bit. (now he has told me that he came down to the parking lot that day with me cause he thought I was so cute... aww!) We said we should get together some time and hang out but no definite plans were made.
A few weeks later and it was the day before Valentines Day 2005 now. I really had been thinking of Valdo of and on all these weeks and I thought I might take a chance and see if he wanted to hang out on Valentines Day. (girls it is ok to ask the guy out, I promise!) I then realize I don't have a number to reach him at. I quickly call up his sister (the one who lived below me but moved) and got his number from her.
I called him. Told him who I was. Then asked him to go to a movie with me. He said Yes! He sounded just as excited as I was. Although all that excitement quickly switched to nerves. I spent the whole rest of the night deciding what to wear tomorrow for the big date. (is it terrible that I remember what I wore?) I decided on my black pants, black wedges, black cardigan, and a silk top that zipped shut in back. It was light pink with lace on the bottom and little flowers all over it. I did my makeup and straightened my hair until I was satisfied.
When I got to his house I knocked, his sis answered and went to go get him. He came to the door. He had a look on his face that I had never seen before. Still to this day no one has looked at me like except him. He was meant for me. He looked at me like I was the most beautiful flower he had even seen. Like he was in awe. It made me feel amazing. He said only 3 words in that doorway to me but I can still hear them clear as day in my head. "You Look Beautiful".
We finally picked our jaws up off the floor and got to the movie. We saw Boogeyman. I still have the stubs. (lol) It was a sweet night absolutely perfect!
To be honest the rest is basically history cause we were together pretty much all the time. Our whole relationship moved very fast. I would not really recomend that to people, but for us it has worked out.
We moved in together after only 3 months and we have lived together ever since.
We just got married in October and our 7 year anniversary is in February.
Now sure things are not all rainbows and kittens with us. We have problems and fights just like everyone else. But our love and friendship runs deep enough to see us through all of that.
So heres to seven years in with my amazing Mr. Lopez and to a forever ahead of us!
val and valdo

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  1. This is SUCH a cute story! I don't know how I hadn't read it before! <3