Monday, January 25, 2010

one fine day...

good morning ladies!
So the viking lost! what can you say! we played a good hard tight game for most of it!
theres always next year right!

I would like to share with you my newest layout! I worked on this yesterday! the shells are from Lake George which is where we take kona cause its a very shallow lake, SHe go far out without us fearing for her lol! (even though she probably swims better than both of us)
This was one of those days and here is Kona with Valdo playing fetch in the water! Kona just loves it she never wants to go home lol!

the shells were soaked for a few days in bleach and then dried out. the papers are dream street I just love the canvas feel to them they are my new favoites texture wise! the blue mesh is drywall tape you can purchase at any hardware store!

This is the last bom post for this month, starting in febuary I will only post them once a month!
1~bad habit
2~ the sweet you cant say no too
3~first kiss
4~your best friend
5~fav memory from last year

Also I wanted to remind you all to stop by the xoxo blog and lift a layout for your chance to win a lovely prize!!! see the link in my sidebar!

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  1. Beautiful layout Val! Love the sea shells, great touch!