Thursday, February 25, 2010

cupcakes and hot glue...

so have all you ladies seen how big cupcakes are right now? of course you have they are every where. And everyone has a turtorial on how to make them! Ingvild bolme is one of my all time favorite scrappers! shes amazing and her turtorial for this cupcake was awesome and very very easy to follow!
cupcake tutorial
heres my end result:

4 glue sticks in my hot glue gun later and I was done! whew!
I now know not to use any mesh ribbon... You'd think I would have realized that earlier... ans I also now know that strips of fabric work lovely!!! all the pink you see is fabric. also you must use a thin paper or it will be hard to fold and do not use a paper with glitter cause it will crack. a butcher knife worked very well to cut the large styrofoam ball. and most important the making memories paint must be used! other paint is too thin and will drip more than you want. this paint drips just enough and dries super fast. all in all I mostly followed her tutorial exactly!
It took just about an hour! I hope all you ladies give it try they really are adorable! just beware of mesh ribbon and burned fingers lol!!!


  1. wow- it's so awesome! I'm gonna have to make one too! Yours is lovely!

  2. Hi val!!! your cupcake is gorgeous I love the hot pink fabric ;) and all the colors you use make your cupcake look yummy jejeje.


  3. this is fablous my daughter thought it was real LOL

  4. Oh so cute!! Love your cupcake :)

  5. oh my!!!! that cupcake is amazing!!!!