Tuesday, March 9, 2010

great weekend...

So ladies my layout won!!! thanks to each and everyone of you that voted for me!!! I appreciate it sooo much! Now I will finally get my hands on the new bloomers trim!!!

We did make it to alice also!!! Great movie! It was all that I expected and more! I love it! I guess before it never really accured to me that the hatter was of scottish or irish decent. Its very obvious in this movie! I loved it!
I though anne hathaway did a great job also!!! To all who have not seen it yet, you must goooo!!!

Also I wanted to mention ladies... the xoxo blog challenge is up right now from team x!!! on the 15th my new one will be up! so drop on by and find something lovely to scraplift and maybe vote on the ones from febuary!

be back tommorrow with a new layout!

lottsa scrappy love!!!


  1. Congrats on winning Val!!! OMG are you seriously making a twilight totebag? That's a fab idea, I didn't even think of that LOL I can't wait to see yours :) I just bought it figuring it would be fun to alter it. Now you got me thinking LOL I know I want to make somekind of project for the challenge, not a LO. xxx Marlene