Thursday, March 4, 2010

my new mini...

I've been working on this mini off and on for about 3 weeks! thanks to renee for the paper and embellies! its the bg lemonade line and was a christmas gift from her!
its a mini made from a paper bag so it has lots of differnt size pages and pockets!
I hope you all like it!

its very thick! lol! Im thinking of a way to maybe keep it closed!

here i wrote valdo a little note and its in the envie!

I really love the color combo on this page!!! the for keeps is felt!

here im counting up to the 5 on the next page since its our 5 year anniversary!

woohoo!!! 5 whole years!

love the doilies lately!

this is the insert onthe first pocket. learned how to make these paper roses just today!

a pic from the wedding thanks renee for the bling!

my check list!!!

love this mini pics!

i think by cutting out this pic it really pops off the page now!

a letter to valdo!

the last insert! I doodled all the hrats myself!


  1. awww... cute LO! You guys look so cute together!

  2. Val this is great!! I love it!! You two are so cute together!!