Friday, June 18, 2010

a bunch of randomness....

good afternoon everyone, i hope you all look all the way to the end of this and see all the pics!!!!!!


first off ladies, thanks to all of you wonderful ladies who sent me birthday wishes! I adore each and everyone of you!!!

I know I havent posted in awhile, still nothing scrappy that I can share yet, but soon!

I have had a long week, my birthday lasted almost that long! and heres some birthday photos!
Ignore all the specks that look like snow, its ash and rain drops!

this is me and my sister amy!!! we almost have the same haircolor today! lol!

this is amy me and wendy!

me and my aunt maria!

me and my sister rachelle!

amy me and rachelle!

me and valdo!!! ahhhhh!!!

heres me with the six cakes me and my coworker (amber, who shares my birthday) made for work!

and heres the rainow cake lieza made us on wednesday! omg I have never seen such bright colors in a cake before!!! mmm and it had homemade buttercream frosting!
she loves us forsure to go thru all that trouble! it had 8 layers!

and hers what I bought myself with my archivers gift card!!! woohoo!!!

but my best present I dont yet have a pic of.... my dear dear friend renee bought me a prima alterable canvas messanger bag!!!!! omg!!!!! wooohooo! I nearly fell over!!!!
I absolutely cannot wait to start working on it, but it will be a bit cause Im gonna take my time and make sure it turns out perfect!!!! thanks so much again renee!

now a funny pic of puppy lol!!!!

kona is such a good girl and posed nice with the cigar for a pic!!! this ones for you renee!

Im not sure if any of you have heard yet, but there was servere weather in most of minnesota yesterday! theres have been some deaths and masssive amounts of destruction. video and pics are over the web if any one would like to see. we were lucky! we had very strong winds, rain , tons of severe lightning and thunder! the sirens went off about 13 miles from us but we made it through! our prayers and thought go out to all the people now suffering from the devastation of these storms!

reed timmer from storm chasers on the discovery channel actually chased one of the worst ones that hit us! he has video on you tube under this:

heres some of the shots I got:

trees blowing over power lines above our garage

we watched a tornado form live on tv. It was caught on one of the wcco traffic cams!
this was just outside of monticello mn!

small funnel shaped cloud formations, although it never amounted to anything.

the aftermath as I stood on my deck.
this is not photoshopped and neither are the pics to come.....
these are the actuall colors of outside!

these next ones were taken at 9:30 at night! this color is simply amazing! everyone was out and just watching the sky!

so thats it for now ladies!!! sorry for all the pics but I wanted to share especially for those of you who never get to experience this sorta weather, its kinda interesting dont ya think?

Ill be back soon with more scrappy goodness and my first attempt at a diaper cake, and its a big one! lol! wish me luck!

stay safe everyone and have a good weekend!


  1. Awesome pictures...Val that rainbow cake is awesome...Love your storm pictures they are gorgeous!

  2. My absolute favorite is Kona with a cigar lol!!! that's the best!

  3. that one for sure needs to be scrapped!!!!

  4. ¡Hola Vale!
    ¡Qué buena torta! y yo me la perdí por no conocerte, ja, ja, ja!!! Que hayas pasado un hermoso cumple.
    Excelentes fotos de la tormenta. Muchos cariños desde Córdoba, Argentina.