Monday, July 19, 2010

stormy weather again...

we had some more bad weather on saturday night! a total of seven tornados touched within the metro area of the twin cities! we did not have a touchdown where I am but we had some very serious straightline winds. we lost this huge section of fence and our yard was littered with debris. at valdos work they lost some trees that were nearly two feet around and there parking lot was completely flooded and a freind of mine lost their garage due to two huge trees falling on it. so even without tornados the wind can be very serious! we did end up going into the crawl space for a bit for fear of debris breaking windows. it was scary yet exhilarating at the same time. for those of you that live where tornados occur you know what I mean, you want to go downstairs but at the same time you want to watch.... the thrill of it sucks you in! but enough of that...

I started putting together the rak for my 200th post!!! in a couple days I will have a pic and instructions up for you!!!

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  1. ¡Hola Vale!
    El clima está terrible! En Argentina estamos en invierno, pero nos está azotándo una ola polar terrible, yo no me aguanto el frio, prefiero el calor y tomar sol. Cariños!