Thursday, August 26, 2010

some fun stuff!

last night I did do some scrappy stuff but those are not ready to share yet! sorry!
but me and valdo took some pics and went shopping last night and I got new shoes. (forgot to get that pic)....and I made my first bentos!

valdo is so cute with his glasses!!!

mmmmmm chinese!

my first breakfast bento!!! it has half an orange, peanut butter and raspberry jam sammy,100 calorie pack oh mint grasshopper cookies, and a few teddy grams!!! mmm its cute and delicious!

mmmm lunch looks even better! 2 strawberries,10 grapes, half of an orange,6 mini nutter butters,6 triscuits, and a ham sammy with olive oil mayo on a deli thin!!!!
can we say mmmm!!!

so ladies Ill be back soon with more scrappy goodness!!

have a great day!


  1. Looks so cute! Good job Val!!!

  2. ooo i love your bento boxes- i gotta steal that idea for me and the boys!!! great pics too :)

  3. Hola amiga, ya quiero ver que cosas de scrap andas haciendo, seguramente estaran hermosas, y tambien no olvides enseñarnos tus zapatos nuevos, te mando un abrazo!!!

  4. ¡Hola Vale,
    qué lindos momentos compartidos, más con la persona que amas. Te mando muchos cariñosss!!!