Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my new room!

Im so in love with my new room! It all looks so fresh and clean and lovely! makes me want to spend all my time in there!
but first heres a few before shots!

And heres how the room is now!!!
(sorry I know still not the greatest pics)

the pink curtains I got for free due to a bed bath n beyond gc I had.
the lovely paper lantern were a dollar each. the two aqua buckets a dollar each. the pink vase you barely see on the left was .99$. I love all the deals I got!!!

lol, love my halloween costume from last year on top of my shelf. yes my shelf is still messy, but I know where everything is! love the new moon calendar and the mini canvas under it is from my friend renee! another bucket this one pink also a dollar. and now you can see the pink vase better. also my martha stewart encyclopedia!!! the pink blob in the left is my sewing machine under the pretty pink cover I made her!

heres my pretty stand I got for 10$ last year! and a microwave cart came too free! woohoo! so heres all my scrap books and the layouts on top are waiting to be put away! in the glass part I store projects ive made and gifts Ive received! see your box renee??? also my donkeys and stuffies from valdo go on top of this shelf!

so on the left here you can see allllllll the twilight atc cards I have from my swaps! then we have picture storage and paint storage. on the top left we have one of those nasty old frames from the salvation army. the old gross goldy kinda ones. I painted it then added my own inside to it!!! loves the outcome! and next to it you can see the canvas I showed you awhile back with the crepe paper roses on it! and below that is my bulletin boards I made! (tutorial on these tommorrow on scrap,laugh,love) and right under my lamp you can see another pink bucket which is where I store all my scrap laugh love stuff!!!!(those are the prizes just waiting to go out)!

here is the main view of my table. again the pink bucket with scrap,laugh,love stuff. my bins where I store pens and stuff, my mp3 player (pink of course). and in the middle those two lovely little muffin tins with the plastic boxes on them. Im switching to fromt he boxes to the tins. I didnt have time to do that yet!

here is my dresser since I still keep all of my clothes in this closet!( me and valdo cannot share we have toooo much stuff) behind I hung my necklaces and my masks from halloween. then we have my ugly tv in need of a make over but she gets the job done when i wanna watch edward scissor hands! then on the wall we have two more of those gawdy frames I bought! mmm these ones turned out rockin! spray painted pink and with some pp I had on hand!!!! couldnt get any easier than this!!!!
so there you have it ladies! my new room!!!!! I love it soo much and I hope you do to and that it inspires you to create your dream space! you can forsure do it cheaply if your creative!

overall cost:
paint 1 gallon-32$
paint 1 gallon free in a drawing
paint 1 gallon 15$
3 frames 3.20$
2 spray paint 7$
4 buckets from target 4$
curtains free with gc
carpet free from friend
installation 75$
hardware 5$
paper lanterns 2$
muffin tins 2 for .99$
vase .99$

total cost for my new room:145.18$
pretty good if you ask me!!!!

have a great day ladies! tommorrow I will be back with more fun stuff!


  1. It looks beautiful! Val I can't wait to go scrap with you!!! I am loving the colors!

  2. ¡Hola Val,
    preciosa la habitación, cuántas cosas tienes, a trabajar mucho ahora, para que nos muestras más cosas lindas!

  3. woooooow valeeee! you new room is wonderful!! :D congratulations and i hope u enjoy it! love all the colors and details!! Me encantoooooooooooo :D saluditos amiga!

  4. Hola amiga, que precioso scraproom tienes, me encantaron los colres, el rosa y azul turques, esta hermosooooooooooooo, yo quiero uno asi!!!!!!
    Tienes tantas cosas hermosas, muchas felicidades amiga, te mando un gran abrazo, ahora a crear mas cosas hermosas en ese bello scraproom, gracias por todo amiga!!!

  5. Val,
    I am your biggest fan. I am obbsessed. Everything you touch turns to gold(or paper flowers and glitter). Either way your room so you and looks so great. Love the colors. Love the curtains and lanterns but most of all your twilight Edward calendar on your wall. I think you need a bigger room. I think you need your own scrapping house!!! You could scrap the whole inside and outside. Genious I know. Sleep on that. Anywho I love you and one day I wish to meet you in person and maybe get a picture and autograph if thats not too much. Keep being you.
    Your biggest fan.

  6. Wow Val your room is gorgeous, it's so "you" I love the curtains and the lanterns, your Edward calendar is so cute, love everything! Enjoy your new room, I know it's gonna produce many many awesome things :)

  7. hola Val esta fabuloso tu scraproom, me encantan los colores que le pusiste rosa y azúl, felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!disfrutalo mucho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gorgeous and a bargain to boot... can't get much better than that. Enjoy.

  9. gorgeous scrap room! i am super jealous! :)

  10. What a great creative space! I love that it didn't cost a fortune to make such a big impact.

    Also thanks for stopping by my page. I would love the bento box links. my email is Thanks!

  11. wow! Amazing! It looks sooo good! You must be really proud! And $10 for that stand?? Great find!

  12. wow! you have an awesome craft room!