Monday, September 20, 2010


wow ladies what a fun experience! I never thought I would be able to meet famous scrap bookers or hang out with people from the industry....well turns out that living in minnesota does have some bonus like having the mall of america which turns out is the perfect venue for scrapbookers to come together!
saturday morning we woke up early to get downtown to the mall for scrapfest! lol we had some fun trying to park in the ramps down there and then luckily got front door parking. the mall doesnt actually open until later so the first door we tried was locked. as we were walking into the second door we tried the lady behind had a huge heavy box in her hands so we held the door open for her. I dint even think twice about who it was till about 15 mins later when i realized it was miss Heidi sonboul!!!!!! by the time I realized who it was, she was gone so i was left hoping that I would be able to meet up with her again to get a picture with her!
then we are signing in and picking up our lanyards and I hear Tim holts voice, look up and theres his face on the big screen in the rotunda!!! hes teaching a class 15 feet from me! what?!!!! i instantly announced it was my goal that day to meet Tim and get my pic taken with him! some of the other ladies were looking at me like who's that??? I couldnt believe it! so, I knew I wouldn't get to him right away since he was teaching a class so we went up to the fourth floor and had some breakfast! coming back down we saw over the balcony that he was done!!! woohoo! we raced down the elevator and escalator, I was dragging my mom behind me! I'm not sure if she fully understood the importance of meeting Tim!

(Tim from the balcony)
so I race down and Tim's is still talking to people and saying hello and I cant go in because I didn't pay for r the classes. well low and behold Mario walks right by me! (thank goodness I read his blog and knew mario or I may have never been able to say hello) so I say hi Mario, he says hi. I then tell him how I couldn't get into to one of the classes but that it was goal that day to meet Tim and get a pic! he says you want a picture with him? yes please!!!! so he says sure come on in! (be still my heart) woohoo so I go in and wait till its my turn and theres Tim! I'm so flustered I completely forget to ask for his autograph in my mini I made especially for autographs but I get a great pic with him! (thanks Mario for taking such a great pic!)

woohoo! I got to meet Tim!
so after all this excitement and the perma grin now stuck to my face we wondered around and did some make n takes.
we hit the prima, basic grey, sizzix, and graphic 45 booths.
here's me and mom making the gorgeous flowers at graphic 45!

after this we stopped by the smooch booth and made another flower. then we saw the gcd booth and i said lets o over there, i really want to try and say hi to Heidi again and get a pic with her! we head over there and are just about to get in line when they announce they are all of make n takes! well shoot! I decide i still want a pic with her! I walk around the booth to where they are sitting and theres Heidi! I say hi there Heidi is it possible to get a picture with you!? shes says sure! she was very sweet! she offered to sign something for me which was fabulous so I got out my mini and she signed my yellow page. as she was doing that I was telling her about how I was the one who held the door open for her and didn't even realize it was her till later! she says awe you girls are so sweet! she says i have something special for you meet me on the other end of the booth! we are like cool shes gonna give us a couple sheets of paper! (which would have rocked)! so we meet her at the end of the booth and theres still about 30 people in line to do the make n take and she says to the group I have a story to share with you guys! she then tells the whole group in front of us how she was running so late cause of confusing highways and she was in a hurry and lugging this big box around and how we help the door for her! she says so I'm giving these lovely ladies one of my class kits because no good deed goes un rewarded, so pass it along! and holy smokes those kits are so fabulous and sooooo full of paper!!!! i couldn't believe it! me and mom were in shock! we never thought she would do something so sweet back!!!
so here's me and Heidi and also pic of the class kit project!

by this time Im all giddy again!!! lol! so we took a break for lunch! after lunch we realized we still hadnt made it to archivers upstairs, so we headed that way! well low and behold Tim is demoing up there!!!! woohoo!!! this is what I want to see so bad! how he actually does stuff! and how to use some of the tools! sadly I missed the alcohol inks part which is what I wanted to see! but after the demo he signed autographs and took pics again. so I waited my turn again (second ,lol) and then had him sign my mini and got another pic with him!

this just made my day! I accomplished my goals and got to meet some super sweet people! Heidi is even more sweet and charming in person than she is on the blog ladies! Im telling you she is fantastic!!! and Tim was so fabulous and really easy to talk to!!! I asked him hsn and we chatted about it for a few minutes! he makes you feel like you've known him forever and the same with when he was demoing!
Im looking forward to next year already. looking forward to having my bestie come next year (Renee, yes this means you), looking forward to doing some make n takes with Heidi next year! looking forward to taking more time there next year and doing some of the classes!!!
so It was a wonderful day!!! spent with wonderful scrapbookers and my mom and tim and Heidi!
Stay tuned soon for my mini of scrapfest!!!!


  1. Wow que bien que pudiste ir, que envidia la verdad he visto en su blog todos los cursos que siempre implante y siempre tengo ganas de asistir a uno en verdad.


  2. ¡¡¡Woooow, qué bueno Vale, qué ganas de estar ahí!!! te felicito, veo que lo has disfrutado, cariños!

  3. wooooooow valeeee you are a lucky girl!! aa yo quiero una foto con tim!!!!!!! :D! que lindoo que disfrutaste mucho y gracias por compartirnos :D

  4. Wow you are too lucky Val! I am so happy for you!!!

  5. Que suertudota Vale, que envidia de la buena me das(y eso que yo del tim ése nada más conozco sus tintas jajajjajajaja)te felicito!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow Val so happy that you got to meet Tim and Heidi! that's so cool!!! love your pics, thanks so much for sharing!!! hugs, marlene

  7. aaaaaaaaawww!!! Val, que felicidad!!!! Muchas felicidades, ese es un tipazo creativo!! Lo mejor que disfrutaste al maximo TODO!!!!! ;)
    Wow, ahora you're my idol!!! jajaajaj Saluditos!!

  8. Echale Valechula, estabas de chula de verdad gozando de la presencia de Tim!! Pues felicidades y pa' la próxima me metes en la maleta... que me voy volando, jajajaja!! Muchas bendiciones!!!