Thursday, September 9, 2010

this a card I made for grandmas birthday this month! her fav color is purple!

this card was made for my grandparents anniversary! their 50th! I made it using a sketch from divas in recycling!
and heres a few vampire atc's I made for a swap on

thanks for stopping by ladies!
happy crafting!


  1. Te han quedado preciosas las tarjetas me encantaon amiga y el color morado es de mis favoritos, y me encanta Erick de True Blod, lo amooooooooooo!!!!! jajajaja te mando un abrazo amiga!

  2. Beautiful cards!!! I love the first one with those colors =D and the ATC's are so nice I loveeeeeee the last one with Edward looking so hot!!!!! lol

  3. Such a lovely proects!! Love the purple one!! Hugs, María

  4. La ultima es lo mejor amo a ese actor en verdad, antes de que se hiciera famoso con la saga de crepúsculo. jejejeje.


  5. You're Grandma's birthday card is so pretty! I love your ACT's and your cards came out gorgeous! You need to do a tutorial lol!

  6. lol!!! renee both mine came from sketchs.... do you really think I could do a card myself lol????