Friday, October 8, 2010

how I spent last night...

working hard at chads house cutting down trees!
if you dont know or remember chad, we've been best friends since we were seven. seen each other through everything, and we're always there when the other needs help!
 gorgeous woods at chads, sorry renee there werent any fall colors at his place yet!
kona your such a pretty girl!!!

kona and jack hanging out!
see chad, Ive grown to be as tall as you finally.....
or not....
valdo messin around on the roof!

kona helpin carry sticks too!
cuttin down the second one!
It was fun but hard work and even harder once it got dark...
chad we'll see you again on sunday for your mommys b~day festivities!!!

and to all my blogging friends, I hope you have a gorgeous weekend! last beautiful fall weekend of the year!


  1. Que lindas imágenes compartiendo bellos momento con los seres queridos y más si los conocemos desde hace tiempo.


  2. That pic with you on the stump is priceless!
    I tagged you on my blog....