Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I received this blog award...

A few different girls gave it to me so Im going to post it now finally and pass it along!!

for this award you have to do three things!

1~ post about who sent it to you...
well a big thanks to pami & anna for giving me this award! you are girls are super sweet!
2~post three things about yourself:
~ well Ive never met my best friend yet we talk everyday...
~ I have a soft spot for sweet and sour chicken....
~ I am a sappy, love struck, star wishing, rope the moon kinda romantic girl!
3-post a picture that you love:
today Im loving this picture alot!

Im going to pass this along too....

enjoy ladies!
Ill be back tommorrow to share some new projects with you!


  1. Wow gracias chula por este lindo reconocimiento, que con honor me lo llevo a mi casita jejeje... Te mando un gran abrazo y no me queda más que decir felicidades por este lindo premio.


  2. What a nice surprise Valeee!!! :)
    Enjoy your gift!!
    I hope I can have a little time to make this new scrappy thing called "Altered Tin" ujuuuu!!! :D
    Have a nice day! ;)