Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pumpkin time!!!

so we've had these pumpkins for a week and hadnt done anything with them yet!
finally we decided to work on them! we found our patterns online and go to work on them! this was the first time I had ever done a pumpkin with a pattern and it wen fairly smoothly! I assume it would have been easier if I had the correct tools, but I made do with what was around.
I got valdo to clean out my pumpkin too, I hate the slimy stuff....
 like the funny face hes making?!?!? lol and notice we separated seeds from goopy stuff, we are going to try baking the seed this year!
heres my pattern taped on. can you tell its my little konas face!
so I poked holes thru my pattern into the pumpkin to give me a guide on where to carve and where to cut.
here it is part way done.
with my pattern you carve off the skin in some parts and then you cut out some parts! I had never done a pumpkin this way before, but I think it turned out nice!
heres kona with the two pumpkins we have left over, dont know what to do with these yet...
and heres valdo playing around again!
and heres mine lit up!!! it looks just like kona huh? i thought so too!!!
and heres valdos all lit up, looks just like him huh? just kidding!!!!

do you carve pumpkins too? if so leave a link in the comments, I would love to see your design as well!!!


  1. AHHH siempre he querido hacer una se ven geniales.



  2. That really looks like so much fun! I love carving pumpkins!