Monday, November 15, 2010

annual thanksgiving bowling!

I love this new tradition we have started in my family! we are creating new traditions every year!
this one we've done for the last 3 years! a couple weeks before thanksgiving we get together with my step dads side of the family. then we go bowling and out to dinner!
this year we went to our favorite spanish restauraunt that has mariachi and they sang to my brother for his birthday. they called alex alejandro. I missed getting pics of this which is too bad cause my brothers face was priceless! he didnt know what to do! lol!
but heres our bowling pics!
 my sister amy, my brother alex, and me
 me and alex
 me amy and alex
 me amy and my mom
 the boys. alex, my brother in law eric, my other sisters bf pete, and valdo
 amy,alex and eric boxing
 valdo and my neice addie
 me bowling
 me getting a strike
elex,eric,valdo, my stepdad, and pete
valdo getting a strike
 teaching grandma to fistbump
 addie bowled better than most of us!
alex tapping out!

and we also got a bunch of snow! its was like a blizzard till about 3pm on saturday! we went to bed with no snow at all on friday and woke up to a few inches in the morning and it kept snowing till we had about 8 inches! the roads were horrible cause it was a wet heavy snow with lots of slush. we all drove our trucks and had to use the 4 wheel drive. we saw more than 20 cars in the ditch on saturday.

so even though its not officially winter. its definitely winter already in minnesota.

how was your weekend? leave me a comment and let me know!



  1. Wow Val! Lots of snow early in the year. Always forget you live in MN until snow hits.

    Decently good weekend here -- got that sewing machine (discovered it was missing the power cord and foot pedal though, but easy enough to remedy). Spend the time with both of my boys.

  2. Looks like great family fun. I can't believe you have snow.

  3. Oh Wow!
    Your snow pics are lovely!!!!!

  4. Oh Val!! PLEASE, Pretty PLEASE....send me some snow!! I'm really not that far away!!
    Looks like you all had a great time!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Hola, que linda familia y que bíen se nota que lo pasaron, las fotos de la nieve me encantarón, acá poca y casi nada cae.... te dejo muchos cariños.

  6. Oh my! Snow already!!! This is Shantel from you for visiting my blog :-) To answer your questions...I only cook for 1 week at a time, so I keep everything in the refrigerator. I haven't ventured into cooking for the month. I think some of the Once-A-Month cookers line their glass pans with foil, cover, freeze, then just take out of the pan and put back in freezer....then when they are ready to cook, they put it back in the pan and then the oven. I hope that helps a little :-) Have a great day!!

  7. Que lindas imágenes se ve que te la pasaste de maravilla!!!