Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a few things about me

okay so alot of my bloggy friends lately have been posting refresher getting to know "me"s... I thought I would follow suit, since I know I have some new followers!

 I'm 28 years old at the moment.

I have been dating my boyfriend valdo for 5 1/2 years
and, we are in the middle of planning our wedding right now.

I'm the oldest of 6 kids, first born grand daughter on both sides, and oldest grandchild on one side.(needless to say ,yes I carry some first born traits lol)

hablo espanol en mi casa y english en mi trabajo

I love pink and teal/aqua together as seen in my scrap room
(no its not this clean on a daily basis...)

I love all things vintage and romantic, its truly my style.
I love reading. usually about a book a week and mostly love stories.(lately I have still been stuck on the whole vampire genre.)

I love spanish food and hot stuff(not to hot)and with valdo being spanish I have learned to cook many of the traditional dishes myself.

we struggle to get pregnant and its something we are constantly working on but for the moment our baby is kona.
I am a hopeless  romantic in all possible aspects of the word. Im a jump right in and love me to the ends of the worlds kinda girl. (which sometimes gets me into trouble since real life isnt always so sweet) I've learned to balance my real life with my romantic notions.

I absolutely dislike the color red

my oldest friend and I have been friends since we were 7. we love each other very much and will be truly be friends forever!
Im also a country girl at heart! born and bred in the "wilds of nothern minnesota"

my best friend lives onthe other side of the country. we will meet soon. shes amazing and I thanks the heavens everyday to have made such a fabulous friendship with her! shes the defintion of a best friend. I dont know, honestly, where i would be now with out her friendship,love and support!
I love all things crafty. be it crocheting, sewing,painting, scrapbooking, you name it
 my favorite animal is the donkey! they are truly misunderstood! someday i wish to have some! when i retire on my farm up north.

(arent they sweet?!!!!)

I like trucks. prefer them actually due to the massive amounts of snow and ice here.
I have naturally curly hair and when i was younger would spend hours and hours straightening it. now I wouldnt give it up for anything!

some of my favorite shows that i watch and own on dvd are: lost, true blood, beverly hills 90210, house, weeds, fringe, roswell, ice road truckers, storm chasers.

I like romantic ballads alot!!! (check out my playlist in the side bar)

I am alittle ocd about some stuff. I cannto use a paper towel if its ripped or not a whole sheet. I know its weird. its just a thing i

I work at the largest junk/sa;vage/recycle yard in minnesota
Im irish and german. (mostly irish if you ask me!)

I love storms and tornado season. its scary and exhilarating, frightening yet thrilling.

and lastly I love you all very much and I am so loving chatting with all of you online and getting to know all of my new and old friends in blog land! its amazing. thanks for visiting and being so sweet!


  1. I love this Val this is awesome! I heart you so much!!!

  2. Hi Val!! So nice to know all that information about you!!! Have a wonderful week, María

  3. Did I miss where you and Valdo got engaged? :-p

    Love this post!

  4. chris we didnt actually get engaged persay....we mostly have been discussing it and it and made a descision. so I didnt get a ring yet or anything. proobably wont till the wedding. and this is the first time I have posted it online. so no, lol you didnt miss anything!!!

  5. Ah you did what my hubby and I did. We discussed it and just decided to get married as well, but we did buy me a simple ring a few months later just 'cause he wanted me to have one.

  6. this is awesome Val!!! I'm German also and I watched every episode of Roswell, I had a big crush on the guy with the blondish hair, can't remember his name LOL anyways, loved reading more about you! and your new gratitude pages are beautiful, and I love the layout of Valdo with the wings ~ super cool!! xxx Marlene

  7. Wow gracias por compartirnos todo lo que te gusta y dejarnos una parte de ti en este post.


  8. what a lovely post!
    I completely ADORE your scrap room!!!!!