Thursday, November 4, 2010

gratitude journal

so I decided to work on a gratitude journal this month. its the first time Ive ever worked on anything like this. Im enjoying it very much. I didnt do the cover yet so all I have are my pages to show you. 4 days worth since its the 4th today. Im doing two pages a day. one page of what Im grateful for, and one page with a quote or just encouraging words that I love.
(I apologize beforehand for my fingers being in almost every shot. this book is not easy to photograph at all. it wont lay flat no matter what you do.)

day 1
I am grateful for sweet love...
dream big...

day 2
I am grateful for good friends...

live in the moment...

day 3
I am grateful for 4 furry legs...
smile tho your heart is breaking...

day 4
I am grateful for my dad...


and there you have it... My first 4 days! Ill be back soon with the pages for  the rest of this week!

thanks for dropping by and if your making a gratitude book too, leave a comment or share a link, I'd love to see it!


  1. and a huge thanks to my friend renee fo rthe materials to start off this journal!!! your sweetest friend I could ever have asked for!!!

  2. Wowwww Val This Book is gorgeous!!!! I love every little detail you use and all those flowers are beautiful =) I can't wait to see more pages ;)

  3. Que lindo trabajo es bueno agradecer todo lo que nos hace la vida mas linda y con quienes la compartimos.


  4. hermoso trabajo y sobretodo me encanto el mensaje de agradecer lo que tenemos.. woooow muchisimos besoos vale!