Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas with my family #1

me and valod go to lots of christmas things over the holidays. we need to make sure we spend time with everyone! this last weekend we had christmas with my mom and all my brothers and sisters! it was absolutely amazing! im not kidding it was perfect! their was all this laughter and fun! no fighting (which sometimes happens when family gets together) it was just so wonderful and will go down as one of my favorite so far!
heres a few pics to highlight the weekend!
first off this year we had an ugly sweater contest.(next year we have decide on ugly hats) (my family is all about games and being crazy)
heres me and valdo in out ugly sweaters.
everyone said I looked like a rug or old wall paper! lol!
heres all of us that participated in our sweaters!
wow those are some ugly sweaters!!!! but guess who won????? and it was top secret my mom made us stand at the table one at a time and cast our vote! 7 people voted for.....
me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo and heres me with my winnings!
and me and my little brother before his chirstmas concert at school! he did a solo, a duet, a quartet, and then sang with the choir and did jazz band! its a k-12 school so they get to be involved in more stuff! the benefits of being froma super small town!
and heres me and amy! we were forsure out of control this weekend! it felt like we were young again and being rebellious! all we did was laugh and cry cause we were laughing so hard! the rest of the family couldnt do anything but laugh along with us cause we were so outta control! when was the last time you litterally laughed until you cried? try it! im serious you will sooo good afterwards!
"the instigators"!!!! amy I love you!
and heres all of us!!!! we have been so lazy the past few years! this is our first family pic in 3 years and we usually take on every xmas!!! back row: my brother chris jr., step dad chris, and alex of course. front row: my sis rach, my mom, my sis heidi, sis amy, and me!
thank you family for this wonderful xmas and thank you alex for turning "16" which allowed for all the silliness to ensue!!!!!
I love you all very very much!

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  1. So glad you had such a wonderful time, Val!!

    I have to agree...your sweater was the ugliest!! :LOL: I bet my mother would love it!! *ROFL* *ROFL* *ROFL*

    Merry Christmas!!