Tuesday, December 7, 2010


so girls I havent talked about it much on here, but me and valdo are getting married!!!!!!!
we are booked for 9-17-11. at Savannah State park in McGregor minnesota. right on the lake under the trees we will get married! hopefully since its going to be in september we will get some pretty colored leaves for backdrop. the dj has been booked bridemaids dresses decided on and center pieces in the works.
I would like just like to share some of the inspritation Ive had with you and then tell how Ive adapted it to my wedding!
so first Ill show you some of the colors that will be incorporated into the wedding. and a mini of an inspiration board I made!
vintage is my theme!
now for some finer details:
i will be doing jars of homemade raspberry jam as my favors but with fabric in my colors of course.
and I will be having a dessert table like this too. we have been thrifting for cupcake stand and cake platters and i think i have just enough now. the only difference is I will be having only a small cake to cut with bunting.
also in my colors of course!
I will be having mason jars filled with glass beads in my colors and battery operated tealights, throw in some tulle and flowers and you have a beginning to my center pieces. sorta like this...
I wish I had pics of everything in my colors to show you but you will have to use your imagination....
I will also be having tons of bunting and tisse poms all over the place maybe like this...
I have already started buying vintage pattern fabric! me and my mom went to a fabric warehouse the week before thanksgiving and got bunches and bunches of it. Im patiently waiting for my new pinking shears before I start to cut my flags for the bunting!

another part of the center pieces of I dont have pics of is the vintage muffin tins. they will be every where and each spot filled with vintage candies and homemade cream cheese mints my mommy makes!
 this will be my card box. my suitcase is actually blue in lines with my colors and my sis picked it up at the goodwill for 3$. surprisingly theres nothing dirty or ripped inside! we really lucked out!!!!
my invites will be similar except my clip art is the colored bunting I posted at the top. and I will not be using orange... I found some lovely teal bakers twine online to tie it all together!
and heres a few dresses I think are pretty, but keep in mind I havent even started looking yet.

and just a few photo opps i will have to have...

for now thats all!
I promise to keep you all  more updated as time goes by and things develop more!



  1. Every thing is looking so pretty Val!!! I can't wait to see it all...in person heehee!

  2. and I cant wait for you to see it all also!!! it will be so perfect having you there! beside me!!! cant wait!

  3. I am sooo excited for you Val! You should tag your wedding posts so that we all (and you) can just go through and see it all in succession as it unfolds. Yep yep. :) Seriously excited.

  4. chris can you help me do that I dont know how.... is that horrible?

  5. Easy enough! And you can then use them for Scrap.Laugh.Love too (labels for scrap rooms, challenges, tutorials, etc.)

    In the screen where you write your post, under the text box you see on the right "post options" and on the left is "labels:" with a blank white box next to it. Type in a label! The next time you want to use it, it will be there for you to select (first time it's used it's saved). Easy as that. :D

  6. I go tit now I think it should have labeled this wedding!

  7. sweet it worked! thanks so much chris!

  8. I can't believe how much creative and crafty wedding inspiration there is out there these days! It's awesome! I love all these ideas :)

  9. It's fanastic. And beautiful dresses!

  10. Excelentes imágenes llena de inspiración.



  11. Congrats Valeeee!!! :) All those pic's looks amazing!!! I love the first and last dress... so beauty your vintage theme!!! :)))