Thursday, January 20, 2011


today I saw a fun post from lindsay of scenic glory . It was a fun sweet post so Im gonna post my currently stuff too.
Currently I'm......
eating/drinking: mtn dew and tato skins chips. ( I know its bad, but its ok once In awhile right??? lol)

pondering:  all my wedding stuff. Im making notes and lists, and sketchs and working it all out in my head! I love it! Im also thinking about my re-vamping of my etsy.

wearing: Johns Auto Parts sweatshirt(Im at work) shhh. Jeans, and my DC lime and turquoise kicks.

anticipating: Dress shopping on 2-11 with my  mom! Its going to be amazing!

baking:  Well sunday I baked a german cake with coconut/pecan frosting. It was my dads b-day and that his all time fav!

reading: really??? Im in the middle of sooo many series It would take a whole post to list them all. lots and lots. so I guess the book I just picked up last was called return to paradise by simone elkeles.I really liked the first one. this is the sequel. We'll see how it goes.

loving: Valdo so much! Loving the fact that we are getting married! That hes helping with stuff. He offered to glue paper flowers down with a glue gun for me, what a sweet guy. I'm also loving my Bestie Renee and how even tho shes not here, Shes still helping me alot!

buying: Some little odds and ends for the wedding. (It's mainly DIY/ETSY inspired). and some more gluesticks also!

what are you currently doing? I would love to read it, leave me a link in the comments!



  1. I'm glad you did a currently list too. They are always so fun!! Enjoy your day! xo, Kels

  2. I did it!