Friday, January 14, 2011

in need of....

hello to all my scrapping friends.
Im in need of a few things for the wedding. I thought I would put my needs out into blog land to see if theres anyone who can help.
Im in need of lots and lots of pastel colored primas. none of the new styles with layers and stuff. just the regular old primas. in variety of pastel colors.
yellow, lavendar, lilac, pink, aqua, light blue, light green, and white of course.
I need alot!
If you have any flowers that you think may work for me, please email a pic and info at
I would be willing to trade for the flowers.
or pay a cheap price for them.
thank you all so much for helping me out!!!!

love you all,


  1. Hi Val! I just saw you in Divas in reclycling foroum... and I"ll visit all te Diva´s blogs...I´m from Mexico, so my english is not as good as i wish, but i try my best! I´ll visit you again! H&k!!!


  2. What size prima's do you need, Val!! I have the got flower ones. Let me know!!