Thursday, January 27, 2011

mixing it up

so Ive been crafting like a mad women, but most of it is wedding stuff so I dont have a ton to share just yet....
but I was inspired by Finnabair to make this layout!
Its alot different than what i normally do but I really like it. it still has bits of me shining through.
I started off by misting the whole page with a stencil and then sewing my border around. next I added a thick layer of molding paste around the page where i wanted it. after that was dry came a lot of acrylic paint. added with my finger not a brush. after I added the flowers came more molding paste and paint right on top of the flowers. I added a layer of glossy to the title that stitched down. as a final touch came the buttons and baubles and few sprays of pink which created a little purple. and bit of washi tape from renee and I was done!

hope you all have a wonderful day. make some time to get you fingers full of paint and glue and glitter today!


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