Monday, January 31, 2011

monday weekend recap

I wish i could tell you I did all sorts of crafty things this weekend, but I didnt. I did get the stuff to work on a prototype for the girls bouquets for the wedding, but I didnt get to it. sad, I know. tonight tho will be nothing but crafting.
We woke up this morning to 2 inches snow. we will have 7 by tonight and its not supposed to stop till tuesday morning. man, just when we were thinking we are on the down side of winter we get hit with a ton of snow.
I did dye my hair this weekend. I wanted to have my natural color back for the wedding so I thought I would start now trying to find a color similar. I think I lucked out on the first try. Its pretty darn close. Its called cool tea. I would love to get a pic for you but its hard with all this snow. I will try later in the week.
I also picked up a hoodie for little miss kona. she loves it. first time I have put clothes on her and she doesnt mind at all. Im glad cause it really is cold here in minnesota! A pic of this will also come this week.
so only 9 days till I go on vacation. I cant wait! I will not be going anywhere but the break from work will be nice. I will be spending it celebrating our 6 year anniversary and getting my wedding dress shopping done! Im super excited for that.
How did you all spend your weekend?
anything crafty?


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