Friday, January 7, 2011

a new feature

So I really really love the idea of project 365. The only trouble is I have never done anything like that and I think that starting so large may be hard for me to keep up with. In stead I have opted to take on the less challenging
project 52.
I think I will have an way easier time with this one! I'm excited because as a scrapbooker I am in constant need of new photos to scrap. another issue I have is scrapping the everyday stuff. so Im hoping that with this project I will not only be able to take more pictures but more pics of the everyday.

so heres my first entry of project 52.

This is my world right now. cold. freezing cold. the kind of cold where you walk outside and it takes your breath away. the kind of cold where you feel it in your bones. the kind of cold where your nostrils freeze together when you go outside.
This used to be an innocent rain gutter. A sweet innocent rain gutter. now its lifeless under all this freezing ice. Alot of Minnesota looks like this right now. Like one big frozen mass. Soon though spring will come and we will be wishing we had icicles again.



  1. oh my, those icicles are making me even colder than i already am! i am doing the 365 project and so far i love it.

  2. hey val :) love the banners on your blog, sooo cute! it's so cool that you're doing p52!!! just have fun with it and don't stress :) xxx Marlene

  3. i would freeze to death if that was near me! ahhhh! hooray for p52!

  4. I love this project!! I can't wait to see everything you do. Happy Monday.