Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wedding stuff

So I know that their are alot fo blogs in blog land that do a wedding wednesday. Im going to join the ranks. Only Im going to be showing specific stuff related to my wedding or that is inspiring me for my wedding.(at least for now that is how it will go)

so for the first installment I want to share some dress ideas with you.
my first dress appointment is on 2-11. I cannot wait!!!!!
I amd torn between the lacey vintage look I love or the huge huge princess skirt I dream of. Im serious girls the bigger the better. If I could wear an old fashion metal hoop skirt I would!
so heres what Im looking at so far!

I think Ive mixed equal parts vintage lace and princess in my ideas so far! I cannot wait! and the bridesmaids dresses which I will share later will add gorgeous pops of the colors that will go thru-out the wedding! so exciting!


  1. Hi Val those dresses are gorgeous I love the first one and the last one I like the vintage and romantic look on them =)

  2. Los vestidos son preciosos y de igual manera el estilo vintage se ve muy bien.


  3. those dresses are beautiful! i love the princess dresses, mine was like that :) did you find all the flowers you need? i know there's this site, don't know if you know about it. xxx marlene

  4. Hola Vale! uno más bonito que otro! qué dificil elección! Un abrazo!

  5. The last one is my favorite... How exciting for you!!

  6. thank you all for the lovely comments!
    maria I think the last one is my favorite also!