Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its a minnesota life.....

I have never put bad cell phone pics on this blog yet. sorry everyone, today I will! I dont know how many of you heard about the storms we got in minnesota this weekend thru yesterday, but we got a lot of snow! this is the third snowiest winter they said in ages! its been unreal! It took 3 1/2 hours last night to snowblow, shovel and rake the roof. we have a driveway thats 4 cars wide and 4 deep so its large! I managed to snag a few pics(bad pics) quickly with my phone while we were raking the roof. thats the roof we are in front of. thats how high the snowbanks are under the roof there!

my jeans were wet before I went out so when I went out the instantly froze. lol I could barely get them off to change into warm dry clothes! lol! my best friend renee lives in california and I was texting her pictures last night! Its a real culture shock to see how much snow and how cold it truly is in minnesota! but for us its no big deal! we are minnesotans born and bred and a little snow and cold wont keep us down! lol!

Once again sorry for the bad pics!



  1. Thanks for sharing the snow txt. It is surreal to me to see that snow almost as tall as the roof. That is insane...I should take some pics of the sunshine to share with you to melt that snow cause the sun here is pretty warm...lol

  2. LOVE it!! All that snow reminds me of the snow we got when I was a kid!! So much fun!! I miss it!! I need to go back to them mountians!!

    When you get a chance, hon, stop by my blog. I left something there for you!!

    Enjoy the snow!!

  3. CRAZY!!!!

    After you're done stopping by Melody's blog, stop by mine as well. :D

  4. Ahora tenemos sol aqui!! pero este invierno a tenido mucha nieve!!!! brrrrrrrrr tu perro esta muy calientito con su abrigo jijiji bueno es perrita ya que tiene rosa cierto?