Monday, February 7, 2011

monday weekend recap

Hi ladies! Did you all have a fabulous weekend.Did you watch the Superbowl. Valdo did but we also recorded it so I will go back and watch all the fun commercials and what not. Valdo said theres some good movie pre-views also!
me and valdo are having a little wedding gathering this weekend with my parents and his family that's here. I made some fun wedding stuff for it. I made valdo a boutonniere to wear and made myself a bouquet! I will get pictures this afternoon! they are crazy in style and colors. But I wanted something fun for this weekend get together.
I also watched the movie "the kids are alright" (I think thats the title) with Annette benning and Julianne Moore. perfect movie! really I loved it soo much!!! MMM and mark ruffalo is so beautiful!
Also a giant UFC fight was this weekend! so sad only one of my guys one! But it was still a good fight night!
I picked up my first pair of tights today since I was a toddler! I will be wearing them with a new dress this weekend at our gathering! so excited! I will need them since it supposed to be below zero all week!!!
I only work 3 days this week, then Im on vacation!!! woohoo! I will be spending vacation celebrating my 6 year anniversary with valdo and and getting my wedding dress! Cannot wait!
SO maybe I will have some pics of me trying on dresses for my next weeks wedding wednesday!

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun and exciting?


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  1. Hi Friend!!! I missed you! I wanna see pictures of the bouquet and boutoniere....whoo hoo for the dress and wedding!