Thursday, February 17, 2011

our duluth daytrip

Its strange. strange how you can live someplace your whole life and hardly ever take advantage of all the bautiful things she has to offer. It has been 19 years since I visited duluth which is just 3 hours from me. last time I was there was with my grandpa and we fed the seagulls fries. he died 18 years ago. so it was time! and who better to go with than valdo who has never been! ( we also took my mom and little sis amy and my little bro alex) so here we go on our trip!
driving thru all the rock as we got to duluth. also duluth is very similar to st. francisco in the fact that its on huge hills. the streets are steep and the houses are all tucked into the hillside! its very gorgeous!
this is the view of the lift bridge (it lifts to lets the ships into the harbour) and the blue building is the great lakes aquarium as you pull into duluth from the freeway. they were doing maintenance to the bridge so we couldnt drive on it.
all the man hole covers have old maps of duluth on them! they are very interesting!
me and the mr. in front of one of the old tugboats!
we truly appeared to be tourists. in fact we asked someone to take this pic of us!( from left to right) mom,valdo,me, amy, and alex.
closer view of the gi-normous lift bridge!
the lake is semi frozen in the harbour(ill show that pic later) and once you get out of the harbour its all open water. this huge piece of ice broke off while we were there and floated out to the sea right by the duckies!
on the shores of the great lake! one day I hope to visit all the great lakes, but superior is a great starting point! its a beautiful lake! here we are on the frozen banks!
here you can see all the pretty ice frozen on the banks. and in the background and abaonded building thats starting to sink!
heres the two boardwalks. they were closed due to snow so we couldnt walk out them. the left one is in minnesota and the right one is in wisconsin. only a hundred yards of water seperating the two states right here!

some exploring shots!

amy and alex messing around!
 view of the forzen harbour and one ship left out all winter. this view is from the great lakes aquarium which we ended up visting!

new friends!

turtles for renee! the second pic is a wood turtle native to the great lakes. and the 3rd and 4th pics are of a mata mata turtle! hes a little scary looking!
nemo and dory!!!!!!

over all it was fabulous! i think its beautiful year round but some may prefer coming in the spring or summer! but if you get the chance visit duluth or any of the gorgeous great  lakes!!!!!


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  1. I love the turtles how cute...can't wait to visit Duluth....