Friday, February 18, 2011


week 7 of p52 is here! Im really having fun doing this project! And Im surprised Ive been able to keep up so well!
this is my great grandparents house. They have both passed on now. I remember them some from when i was little. mostly I remember their deaths. they died 4 months apart. I do remember playing in this house a bit when i was young. I remember the sloping creaking floors and the smell. not bad smells just distinct to them.I remember their old fashioned cookie jars that looked like giant mason jars! I have only been here once since they died until now and that was after the funerals we had a large auction. this house has been abandoned since then. my moms not quite sure who owns the land now or how the house is still standing. but it was fun to visit and remember. fun to reminisce.


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