Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wedding wednesday

Today Im going to share with you some decorating Ideas I will be using in my wedding. The pictures Im sharing are not mine and I will be making things my colors and to fit my wedding but will be using these basic ideas as a guideline of inspiration.

My card box will be a vintage suitcase. We picked one up in robins egg blue color for 2$ at the salvation army. It has silver silk-ish lining. It was in very good shape nothing on the outside and only one small tear inside. I also have a large vintage doilie from my grandma to use inside but for my letters I will be using fabric in my colors.
We are getting married in Savannah Portage State Park in Minnesota. We will be under trees right near the lake. I"ve decided to use this idea and have tissue poms in the trees. It makes sense and Is any easy outdoor decoration and goes with everything since I have them in the reception as well. But along with the poms I am trying to also have a little fabric bunting and some paper garland in the trees! I want to create our own wonderland.
To help decorate the card table we will be displaying our engagement photos. Im leaning right now towards something like this but the thought of using vintage frames painted in out colors is also a possibility.

What were some fun, unique or vintage themed ideas you used in your wedding?



  1. Me encantó la maleta jajajaja en verdad que muy vintage.

    Te mando muchos saludos.

  2. muy bellas las 3 ideas, tu boda va a ser hermosa!!!

  3. love these ideas! can't wait to see pics of your completed sounds like your weddign will be very pretty :)

  4. I love these ideas the suitcase is gorgeous you sure will have a very romantic wedding =)
    Congratulations can't wait to see pictures of your projects