Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some scrapping

So this last weekend me and valdo went to his borthers house. the boys watched boxing and me and yesina scrapped a little bit. I made 5 layouts. 3 of which I have to share. the other two i gave to her to keep. I only brought a handful of stuff over there with me so it really forced me to think and use what Ihad on hand to scrap. something Im not used to at all. so heres the 3 I came up with.
memories. this is about when we went to duluth last month.
6751. this is my great grandparents house. we were able to stop here on the way to duluth and grab some pics real quick. the journaling is all about the little bits I remember from this house.
stogie. this is just a funny pic of me. I used this layout for week 9 over at scrap,laugh,love! our challenge this week is tape.
and these layouts I made last week for scrappyjos!
this was the inspiration challenge from there last week.
and on this layout we had to use a bingo card. this is me with tim holtz. If your not a scrapper you might not know who he is, but hes a big deal in our world. this was an amazing day for me. scrapfest 2010. lots of fun stuff happened that day!

what have you been working on lately. I would love to see.


  1. Hola Vale! qué bonitas tus páginas! cuánta nieve se ve!! una curiosidad para mí!!!! y qué bueno que estuviste con Tim!!!
    Un abrazo!

  2. wow! you've been busy! love all the layouts though...beautiful work!