Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm feeling very mushy today!
I'm feeling grateful and full of love and hope today!
to day I'm grateful for valdo! everyday I am but today I'm sharing with the world about it! I'm thankful that he loves me unconditionally. I'm thankful for him telling me that everyday he loves a little more. after six years to hear that, its a blessing! I'm thankful that he gets gummy worms and saves all the red and green ones for me! I'm thankful that hes makes me cards and writes me letters and tells me everyday how much he loves me! I'm thankful for all our fights! even the bad ones cause they help us grow and move forward and to be here where we are today! I thankful for this journey we are on together and I know the road will be rough but we will accomplish it together. I m thankful we have the same dream to live in the north woods someday with our animals and ourselves. I'm thankful we mesh so well! I'm thankful that he believes in me and encourages me. he tells me everyday encouraging words that make me want to be the best woman I can for him. I love him for watching twilight with me even tho he didn't want too. I'm blessed that he saw in me the woman he wanted to marry! I'm thankful I took a chance that valentines day 6 years ago and called him!
but, valdos not the only person I'm thankful for today!
I'm thankful for my bestie Renee also! for SO many reasons! I'm thankful that brought us together. I'm grateful we both like to scrapbook. I'm grateful she was there to help me through emotional times! I'm thankful that shes going to be with me, standing next to me on the day I marry valdo! I'm thankful for all the love she sends my way! Its rare to meet someone who understands you so completely and is there for you. in my opinion even rarer for girls to have good girlfriends. I have one now! It feels like we're two peas from the same pod! we think alike, we do the same things without knowing it! I'm hopeful one day i will visit her and we will explore the fabric district and one day we will go to forks! walk in the rain forest there! I'm so lucky to have such a caring giving understanding friend!
my sister. Amy. I'm lucky to have a sister so wonderful! who understands and listens. Who gets crazy with me! who loves me unconditionally! who crafts with me and helps me plan and has awesome ideas! who's talented! I'm thankful for all her help always! I'm thankful for our chats, and our time together. I'm thankful for our silly moments.
Im thankful for so many other things and people in my life, but today these three are filling my mind and heart!
I love you very much!



  1. Wahhhhhh you made me cry! I love you to the moon and back Girly! You make every boring day at work so much fun. I get so excited to see your emails :) We are two peas in one pod!!!

  2. your welcome chica!!! sometimes you just gotta let it all out and tell your loved ones how much you truly love them!

  3. Me gusta tu encabezado muy linda foto.


  4. This was a very sweet post. I'm glad you included the fights with valdo. Those are important moments in love too. And your new blog design looks great! I'll have to update your button on my blog :)

  5. Lovely post!
    It's so easy to get caught up in our everyday problems.
    But if we can count things we are greatful for, then we are very lucky!