Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wedding wednesday

hello ladies Its wedding wednesday again!
this week I want to share my bridesmaid dresses with you and the colors they are in. I searched hard in my area for a more vintage style dress but had 0 luck. which turned out to be okay because I really love the dresses I did pick and the colors they are in!
 these are the cute simple dresses my bridesmaids will wear.
I will have Renee in wisteria. Heidi in canary. Amy in guava. Rachelle in pool. Im sooooooooooo very excited for this. I like the simple look of the dresses and how they are a little flowy.... and the colors Im in love with. sooooooo much these colors run thru out the whole wedding.
I'll be back next wednesday with more wedding fun to share with you.

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