Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wedding wednesday

Hi everyone! For wedding wednesday today I would like to share my tentative playlist.......I know things may change and my thoughts may change so this is not locked in stone yet!
in the ceremony, we will all(myself included) walk in to Heavenly day -patti griffin
for the unity part of the ceremony we will have Marry me -train
both of these will be sung by a live singer at the ceremony.
we will not be having a father daughter dance due to the fact that valdos family wont be there. so the only forsure planned dances are me and valdos which we will either have Eso y mas -joan sebastian or  You and me -Lifehouse we are still undecided on this. for the last song of the night we have decided on Time of your life -greenday. For the wedding party dance we will have a special song for me. You see my wedding party is made up of my two best friends and my brothers and sisters! Only the people closest to us. Now my all time fav singer Is Garth Brooks and he has this amazing song, that speaks volumes about friendship and the importance of it. So A Friend to me -Garth Brooks will be our wedding party song. Then we do have one other song that we have planned out special for my grandma. We will have that whole family come to the dance floor and then play In the arms of the Angel -Sarah Mclachlan In remeberance of my grandpa that passed away.
these are the main songs that will be played!
thanks for stopping by!


  1. Val, genial que ya tienen definida la música para la boda. Felicidades

  2. Me encanta la canción de Train ahhhh muy muy linda muy buena elección definitivamente!!!


  3. Val, cuantos preparativos!!! que sin fin de emociones! aunque tal vez te quede un tiempito para una crop mixed media este fin de semana...?

  4. I would be crying my eyes out to arms of the angel. I'm such a cryer at weddings and when you start dedicating songs and moments to family in remembrance the water works are kicked into high gear!

  5. Oh - i like your song choices!! :) Lovely!