Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend re-cap

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We ended up getting another 3 inches of snow and they say we will get 10 more before the week is over! so much for spring huh?

Well saturday morning my mom called and let me know she was heading down for the day and we could meet for lunch! It was so fun! I got to show her a finished invite and the start of the bouquets! We picked up my nieces dress for flower girl and basket or two! we got all the glass ware for the head and parents tables.  and we each bought our outfits for the rehearsal dinner! Im soooooooooo excited about that! they are vintage and fabulous!
then sunday I went to class at archivers to make this mini!
I was soooooooooo excited to do this! now I crop at a's alot but had never taken a class. maybe this was just the wrong class to start with but I didnt enjoy it very much! I was the only person my age group. The teacher was having a very hard time explaing it all to us. the class was supposed to run 1-3:30. at 4:30 I still didnt have covers or embelling done. the teacher said she would stay till everyone was done but I thought I would go home and finish it on my own. ugh! it is a cute mini and Im glad I went but...... maybe I could have done it easier and faster myself ya know.... I am going back to a's on the 20th for a customer appreciation crop with my mom and sis amy! cant wait for that!

I watched brulesque this weekend also! It was alright! very predictable and what not but cute I thought!

hope you all had a fabulous weekend without snow!

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