Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend re-cap

We had a fun day on saturday. We went to michaels and picked up all the cs for the wedding at half price! you cant beat that! then we went for some yummy chinese at our fav spot. we grabbed some quick groceries. then best of all we went to target to do our wedding registry. I wish now I had gotten some pics of valdo scanning items! he was having fun which made me happy, I didnt know how into it he would be. then we went home and watched some movies.jackass which was awesome! a little gross but overall really funny. the romantics which I didnt really like too much. and megamind which was of course adorable.
sunday was a lay low day. I worked on wedding stuff most of the day. cleaned my scraproom did some laundry and mostly just chilled out. then me and valdo cuddled up to watch jurassic park on tnt. I love older movies like that.
I also wanted to share my lists with you up till today.
 hope your having a wonderful monday morning!

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