Thursday, April 14, 2011

a reminder....

do you ever feel like your relationship with your mister has come to stale mate? you love them undoubtedly but sometimes just get stuck into your habits and routine...?
I have been feeling like this for sometime now and Im almost positive its due to all the stress and wedding planning. but lately its like we have been acting like an old couple. In love but with no real spark. ya know, Like we have been in an episode of leave it to beaver and we're the parents. every morning get up off to work then home for dinner and veging in front of the tv.  we arent mad at each other, not in the least, just both stressed and stuck in our routine. wanting some relaxation for abit... maybe....
but then last night I was caught by surprise... we were driving to the store and I looked over and for a moment it was like I was looking at the exact valdo I fell in love with 6 years ago. I mean it totally caught me off guard. something about the way he was sitting and drumming his hand on his leg and the way his beard was and the way he wore his hat. every thing aligned. I smiled to my self and looked at him again. then starting laughing. he looked at me like I was nuts. It was like in that moment i remembered everything I loved about him, all the things about him that make me so happy. I of course had never forgotten but being in this rut I needed a reminder. a reminder of how amazing he is and how in just 5 months we will be married! I just smiled at him and said I love you. I really think he thought I was being nuts, but thats okay! sometimes we all need a reminder of what is right in front of us!!!!



  1. Awe Val that is sweet, stress can be very hurtful in so many ways. Always take time to breathe and'll feel good after!

  2. This made me smile. Such a cute and true post.