Thursday, April 21, 2011

wedding wednesday (a bit late)

Im sorry that I was missing yesterday! I was having a super rough day. But I'm back today and FINALLY want to share the bouquets with you all!!!!
I worked long and hard on these and love how they turned out! they fit in with the wedding just perfect and they are something that the girls will be able to keep.

I made them with fabric rosettes. the fabric is leftovers from all the bunting we made for the wedding. the rosettes are glued to the ball with a dowel as the handle. then the stem is wrapped in satin ribbon. next I added tulle wrapped ontop of the ribbon and a large tulle bow. to me the are colorful and whimsical and the fabric is very vintage looking frayed and what not. I love love love them!!!

hope you all are having a great week!



  1. Omg those are beautiful val!!! You did a great job. They're gonns look great at your wedding :)

  2. I was waiting for Wedding
    I am in love with these bouquets. They came out really good Val I love them....

  3. glad you guys like them! they are better irl! sooo cute!!!!!!!!

  4. Those are fabulous! Let me know if you need help making anything. I'm pretty good at sewing and i could mail it to you.

  5. thanks daisie!!! thats so sweet!

  6. que bellos! muy románticos!! un abrazo

  7. OMG!!! Those are sooooo beautiful!!!
    I want one! :)