Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wedding wednesday

So today I have dress's to share with you all again. I changed my mind for the third time. I know but I'm a bride and its my peragative right? LOL! so this is my third and final choice. the dress is set now and the girls are getting ready to go in for their fittings! Im so excited we are slowly moving forward on big stuff! so heres the dress in the order and colors they are in. the maid of honor starting on the left.

I really like this dress. I like thats its closer to my dress in style so it fits more. I like that its sorta pouffy on bottom and that its long. I love the colors and cannot wait to see the girls in their dress!!!!

In two weeks are we are set to do our engagement pics provided weather cooperates with us. So I will be spending alot of time these next two weeks getting outfits set and props and what not! lots to do! But soon I will be able to share those with you!!!


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