Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wedding wednesday

hello ladies!
ohhh today Im very excited to share my wedding stuff with you! almost as excited as I was to share the bouquets!
I have made 9 of these for the wedding party and then another 11 that are a bit different for my helpers, grandparents, etc.


there is only 4 shown here but they are all similar to these yet each one a bit different. All are in the colors fo the wedding of course.

I also wanted to share step by step directions on how to make these with you. (although I dont have any pics)

step 1-gather supplies
 pattern paper or cardstock to match
 floral wire
 tulle or ribbon
 flower or other embellishment
 masking tape or painters tape
 straight pin
 scrap of felt
 floss or thread
 hot glue gun and glue
 paper glue
step 2- trace out a leaf shape on your paper and cut out . do this twice
hint: when doing this flip the pattern over to cut out the second one and they will allign perfect.
step 3- hand sew a line all around the top leaf piece.
step 4-cut a small piece of floral wire and run it from the stem up to 3/4 of the bottom leaf piece. attatch the wire with tape.
step5- once you have sewn the top piece and added wire to the bottom piece, glue the two pieces together. using your paper glue.
step 6-now using your hot glue attatch your flower or embellishment to the leaf.
step 7- then using ribbon or tulle tie a bow around the step. add a little hot glue if you desire.
step 8- on the back of the leaf add a small scrap of felt by hot gluing just the egde of the felt ensuring that the middle is glue free.
step9- add your pin to the back on the felt for attatchment to the gentleman and you are done!

please share pics with me if any of you decide to make one of these!


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  1. Wow un tutorial escrito sin imágenes, tendría que traducirlo muy bien para entenderle mejor ajajaja.

    Saludos Val.