Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend re-cap

Hello ladies! I hope you all had a great weekend! I hope you all stayed safe from the hundreds of tornados that passed on saturday! My heart and prayers go out to north carolina where my step grand parents live. they had alot of destruction out there!

so this weekend was fun! Friday night me and valdo had date night we went to see scream 4, (honestly not great) the first ones were better! but I got all dressed to go so I wanted to share.

I love the colors in this dress and how flowy it is! I added a aqua glass necklace and an aqua hair piece to the ensemble! So happy its spring and warm and that I can start to wear skirts and dress's more. I have a bunch just waiting for me in my closet!

then Saturday we spent the whole day thrifting. wedding wise, uneventful, not even one muffin tin. I was super sad about that. but other wise rather fun. I got a new purse, 2 new games 1$ each, and new organizer for my makeup. well actually its an older style from the 90's but I'm sooo excited I cant wait to set my stuff up in it!
On Sunday I finished sea 1 of Dexter and go all the boutonnieres done for the groomsmen and ushers. I still need to do valdos and still need to do the ones for the grandparents etc. but its a good start!

hope you all had a good weekend also! next weekend hopefully it will be even nicer and we can get outside!


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