Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a little more each day

So since Valdo got his new job me and valdo and my dad all car pool together since my dad works with me. Its easier that way. So today my dad went separate to get some errands done. So me and valdo head off and hes being all extra sweet this morning, which is nice. Especially considering I feel like utter crap and have a serious upset tummy. So I drop him off we say goodbye and I head to work. Then he calls me. (lol I had only been gone maybe 5 mins) and says I just wanted to say how much I love you. me- I love you too valdo. valdo-I woke up this morning feeling like I was more in love with you than before. me-good! lol! thanks chulo that's so sweet!
That's what its all about though isn't it? Finding that right person. Finding someone who is your friend first and foremost. Finding someone to grow with. Finding someone who makes you want to be better. Finding someone that you really do love a little more each day.
Valdo is wise, he knew all this long before I did. He knew this when I still thought we got happy endings like in the movies. He told me once when we started dating ( 6 and 1/2 years ago) that love is not everything, that you need to like the person, respect the person, appreciate the person also. He said that you need to give your love more and more each day, if you give it all at once you wont have anything left to give later. I of course thought he was nuts. I didn't understand how adult relationships worked. Now I know how wise he is. How he is a large part of the reason we are still together and still loving each other more every day. Hes the reason why sometimes I look at him and still get breathless. Thinking are you kidding me? How did I ever get so lucky to get him? To be able to marry this amazing man? Hes taught me alot about love, and respect, and understanding, and friendship.
No matter how bad things get sometimes or how stressed we feel, or trapped. I know that with valdo by my side we will be Okay, happy, and in love. I know that everything will work out for us because we support each other and understand each other.
I know that with valdo by my side, loving me a little more each day, Life will be amazing!


  1. Really Val you mad me get teary eyed just reading this . And Valdo is right that is what it is all about respect and giving each other space when needed and loving each other no matter what even when he has mad you so mad so much lately but never forget even though you both are mad at each other you still love each other no matter what. I feel the same about my hubby and feel that each passing day i love him more. We have been togather 19 yrs

  2. Love is such a beautiful thing and a true miracle :) Congrats !
    Check out my blog and if you want we can follow each other ! Kisses from Italy xxx