Friday, May 27, 2011

This weekend....

Will be spent with these lovelies!
My sister Amy and my Mom.
My little brother Alex.
And I couldn't be more excited about it! I packed the whole truck up last night. Its full. I mean full, as in I don't know where Kona will ride.
But I'm so excited. We will get so much done this weekend.
On a side not is it horrilbe that I've started counting days till my bestie comes and till the wedding! LOL
111 Days
Thats it, can you believe it???
That will fly by so fast....
Im hoping since we will be out of town I will get to stop and visit where my grandpa rests on Memorial Day. He was in wwII. He was at Pearl Harbor. I miss him dearly. I was the first born grand daughter and spent alot of time growing up with him and spending summers with him. We planted trees together before he died. Now they are huge and they have got baby trees. I will be using a part of that in my wedding. He will be there with us.
I hope you all have made plans to relax, re-boot, and enjoy this long 3 day weekend. Spend it doing something you truly love with the people you truly love.
After all thats what matters most in life.


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  1. Such a lovely story about your grandfather and you and such a touchful detail to use parts od the trees you planted togheter!!