Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wedding wednesday (a wedding update)

So I dont have anything new to share at the moment. With everything that went on this weekend I didnt have anytime to work on anything. So I thought instead I would just give an update of sorts.

I'm currently working on the programs.
This is as far as I am digitally. I have the whole rough draft done already. The dimensions are 4x10.
Also this weekend we bought all the plates, cups, napkins, dessert napkins, silverware, table covers, punch ladles and bowls. everything. we were only 10$ over budget on those things so I think we did pretty well! and the colors together are amazing.
Also this weekend I made another descision. I had still been debating on what to do decoration wise for the ceremony. Its hard since I havent been able to get into the location yet, I will get to see it in june the weekend of my shower. I vaguely remember how its laid out from being there as a kid.
So this weekend I decided since my sister gave me 25 white paper lanterns and I really wanted to use this
paper bunting.......
I've decided to go all white at the wedding. White as far as decorations. Then when you get to the reception it will all feel like a vintage wonderland!
Im so excited to be able to hang everything and arrange it all just how I want it! Ugh!!!! I cant wait! Its alot of work but worth it ya know, something to be proud of! Something that is all me, my plans, my ideas (with inspiration help of course) and all hand made by me! Im soooo excited!
Happy wednesday everyone!


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